North Dallas Bulldog Support League

About NDBSL - Providing support to NDHS students so they can graduate with the skills necessary to succeed . . . . . .


The intent of NDBSL is to address needs not currently being addressed.  It is not our goal to supplant or interfere with the work of other North Dallas High School support organizations.  We do not anticipate taking on any of the activities or support already in place.  It is our hope however, that we can work with other groups whenever possible, such as The Church of the Incarnation, the NDHS Booster Club, the Greater North Dallas High School Alumni Association, the P.I.E. Board, and other groups whose mission is to support North Dallas High School.

When our organization was founded, North Dallas was designated as a "low performing" school and had carried that designation for several preceding years.  It was determined that if the low performance designation was still in existence at the end of May, 2011, there was a distinct possibility that North Dallas High School would face severe state imposed sanctions.

In 2010, dedicated teachers and staff and a new principal made an all-out effort to remove that designation by spending after-school hours tutoring and mentoring their students.  As a result, North Dallas students not only raised their grades but also raised their TAKS scores significantly.  However, because the dropout rate was higher than the State of Texas considered acceptable, the school was advised it was still within low performance standards. 

In response, NDBSL was formed to support the school's effort to turn the school around.

NDBSL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Would you like to join?  It's easy - - here's a link to the membership application:

NDBSL Membership Application