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NDHS Debate Team - 2016 - News about NDHS academic team competitions

NDHS Debate Team - 2016

North Dallas Debate Team - January, 2016

NDBSL is a proud sponsor of the North Dallas High School Debate Team.  Here they are showing off their new shirts provided by NDBSL.


Go Bulldogs!!


Debate Team News:

February 12, 2015:

One of the debate team members sporting one of the new jackets provided by NDBSL!  A big THANK YOU to Michael Lemmon for getting them ordered and delivered in time for the State Competition in Austin, Texas.

In past meetings, NDBSL had discussed purchasing blazers for the debate team, and now it's a GO!   We are so proud of all the students' hard work and NDBSL is pleased to be able to help!  

Good luck in the State Competitions!!  GO BULLDOGS!!!   

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January 23, 2015:

Below is an excerpt from an e-mail from Jo Rohde, AP English, American Lit, & Debate, English Dept. Chair, Personalized Learning Leadership Team at North Dallas.

E-mail from Ms. Rohde:

Yesterday our North Dallas Debate Team competed in the 11-5A UIL Debate District Competition. After three rounds, one of our teams advanced to the finals, and ended the tournament with enough wins and speaker points to advance them (plus two teams from Woodrow Wilson) to the State Competition at the University of Texas in Austin. This was an extremely hard year for us, moving up to 5A, but those kids practiced so hard and were ready. The team that advanced stayed up till 4:00am and 1:30am (I know, they texted me!) working on their files and speaking abilities. I am so insanely proud of the Debate Team, if you see any of these students, give them a pat on the back. 
Raviola Wenno
Taylor Bolden
Jennifer Rodriguez
Mercedes De La O
Dalia Mercado** Advanced to State
Issac Yanez**Advanced to State
Jesus Ramirez
Sade` Vernado
Florentia De Julian
Shayla Ngyuen  
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ND Academic Decathlon Team - January, 2014

ND Debate Team 001


NDHS debate students and sponsor Jo Rohde with Emmitt Smith (below).  The students did a promo for Dallas Reads.  Look for them on TV soon!!

ND Debate Team 002


ND Debate Team - January, 2014

February 3, 2014:  A report from Ms. Rohde, the Debate Team sponsor:

We did great!!  First place went to Raviola Wenno and Jose Ramirez, second place went to Jennifer Rodriquez and Taylor Bolden, and the alternate position is Tiana Boyd and Mercedes De La O.  I thought we would do well, but I wasn't expecting us to sweep the entire competition!  Just shows what good training (Baylor Debate Camp) can do for a team.  We owe you all so much.  We have grown as a team this year in both numbers and awards and that is due in part to you all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

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January 26, 2014:  A message from Dinnah Escanilla, Principal, NDHS:

This past weekend, the North Dallas Academic Decathlon team competed in their regional competition.  Our Bulldogs team won the gold medal in the Super Quiz portion of the competition beating all high schools in the district!

Please congratulate our students for a great finish.  Team members include Karina Ibarra, Desmond Davis, Daniela Perez, Jishel Martinez, Florentine De Julian, Emily Soto, Quinn Mason, Alejamdra Martinez, and Angeline Mendez.

Believe!  Our Bulldogs can compete and win the gold.  A special thanks and congratulations to Coach Ms. Rebecca Frazier.


Dinnah Escanilla

Principal, North Dallas High School

We are so very proud of the amazing accomplishments of this team and their coach!            GO BULLDOGS!!

We did GREAT!!!!


NDHS Debate Team - 2016